The Spirit of the New Silk Road – A global Revolution of Creativity and Progress

Intervention of Elke Fimmen from the Schiller Institute at the 3rd Romania-China Round Table, 2018.

The World Land-Bridge. Source: Schiller Institute, 2014

Abstract: – The greatest dynamical change on a planetary scale has been brought about by China’s „New Silk Road” or BRI-initiative. It has already succeeded to create a phase shift in international relations for peace and progress through „win-win“ cooperation, instead of geopolitics and conflict and has established new metrics of economic progress. (..) The BRI-initiative has become the largest cross-country infrastructure and industrialization program, that has ever existed on the planet. (..)

Like the Old Silk Road, which promoted civilizational progress by the exchange of knowledge, technologies and cultures, the New Silk Road dynamic enables the development of the creative potential of mankind as the real source of wealth. It is of crucial importance for all European nations, to join this process and reinvigorate its own spirit of innovation, progress and creativity, which made Europe great before.

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